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The area of skin around your stoma needs care and attention to prevent and reduce the risk of soreness. You may notice that the stool sometimes gets stuck at the top of the pouch, rather than dropping into it. This is called ‘pancaking’, and can cause the stool to push under the adhesive of the pouch, causing a leak and sore skin. There are products available that can help with this problem, and your Stoma Care Nurse will be able to advise you.
Here are some quick hints and tips to protect your skin:

Make sure it fits More info

Check that your bag fits snugly around your stoma, to stop output coming into contact with skin, which can cause soreness and irritation. If you’ve had your stoma for a while, it’s advisable to have the template checked, as it is common for your stoma to change size over time.

Don’t use soaps or creams More info

Use only warm water to clean around your stoma. Soaps and cleansers can be too harsh and may cause irritation. Avoid the use of moisturisers or creams. You may see a small amount of bleeding around your stoma when you are cleaning. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Use products that prevent leaks More info

Salts has a range of products specifically designed to prevent or reduce leaks, from SecuPlast® Hydro security strips to revolutionary Dermacol®. Ask your stoma care nurse for more details or call Medilink on Freephone 0800 626388.

Caring for your skin booklet More info

Take a look at our digital booklet about skincare for ostomists — "Caring for your skin." Just click on the image to the right.