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Changes in your outputMore info
There are many reasons why the normal output from your stoma could change:
Changes in medication e.g. antibiotics or chemotherapy
Changes in your diet
If the stool becomes loose or watery, this will increase the possibility of it leaking under the adhesive onto the skin and causing soreness. If you are experiencing a change in the consistency of your output, speak to your Stoma Care Nurse, who will be able to advise you.
Temporary or loop stomas More info
Thanks to recent advances in surgical procedures, fewer long-term stomas are being created. To make reversal of a stoma easier, a loop of bowel is brought to the surface and cut, leaving two openings - although you will probably only see one of them. This can increase the risk of retraction of the stoma; where, instead of the stoma looking like a spout slightly proud of the surface of your skin, it becomes level with it. This is more commonly a problem with temporary ileostomies, and is one of the causes of leakage. Again, your stoma care nurse will advise you on how to treat this.
Make sure it fits More info

Check that your bag fits snugly around your stoma. If your template is too large, this will leave skin exposed around the pouch opening, meaning faeces can collect there and cause soreness. You should frequently check that your template is correct, as it is common for your stoma to change in size over time.

Don’t use soaps or creams More info

Use only warm water to clean around your stoma. Soaps and cleansers can be too harsh and may cause irritation. Avoid the use of moisturisers or creams on the skin around your stoma as this can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.

Use products that prevent leaks More info

Salts has a range of products specifically designed to prevent or reduce leaks, from SecuPlast® Hydro security strips to revolutionary new Dermacol®. Ask your stoma care nurse for more details or call Medilink® on Freephone 0800 626388.

Caring for your skin booklet More info

Take a look at our digital booklet about skincare for ostomists — "Caring for your skin." Just click on the image to the right.