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“A complete range of ileostomy products from Salts”

Salts Healthcare offers a huge range of user-friendly products designed to change the lives of ileostomists through greater comfort, flexibility and security.
Browse our 1-piece or 2-piece appliances, or search for stoma solutions to see our complete range of ostomy accessories. These easy-to-use products have been specifically developed to alleviate the problems faced by ileostomists such as leaks, sore skin, residue, odour, skin protection and adhesion.

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  • Confidence® Natural Advance

    We've taken our most popular one-piece drainable product and made it even better! NEW Confidence® Natural Advance has a range of fantastic features that offer even more security, comfort and peace of mind. These include our new superior adhesion hydrocolloid with dual print wafer, opaque tail film, viewing porthole, outlet drainage tab, and upgraded filter system with spacer sheet for improved airflow.

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  • Confidence® Natural

    Confidence® Natural Drainable has a unique, five-sided Flexifit® wafer that fits more securely to the body’s natural contours to reduce leaks and improve comfort. It’s even infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, which can help to protect the delicate skin around your stoma.

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  • Confidence® Natural Soft Convex

    Our softest, stickiest and most flexible soft convex wafer. The unique, five-sided Flexifit® wafer fits more closely to the body’s natural contours, helping to reduce leaks. Stronger adhesive sticks fast and stays put for added security.

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  • Confidence® Convex Supersoft

    Confidence® Convex Supersoft A convex pouch with even more flexibility and softness. Confidence® Convex Supersoft incorporates a soft, flexible wafer with a gentle profile - for increased comfort.

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  • Copy of Confidence® Comfort Neonatal with Flexifit®

    Confidence® Comfort Neonatal with Flexifit® is the perfect choice for tiny babies

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  • Copy of Confidence® Comfort Paediatric with Flexifit®

    For toddlers and older children there’s Confidence® Comfort Paediatric with Flexifit®.

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  • Harmony® Duo

    All the advantages of a one-piece drainable system, such as an ultra slim profile and flexible wafer, with all the convenience of a two-piece system: its unique ‘docking system’ and skin-friendly flange makes pouch changes so much easier.

  • Harmony® Duo with Flexifit®

    Harmony® Duo from Salts Healthcare has always been a popular choice for those who enjoy the convenience of a two-piece system with the discretion of a one piece. And now, the range includes our unique Flexifit® flange with Aloe Vera extracts.

  • Harmony® Duo Convex with Flexifit® & Aloe

    Harmony® Duo range now features the unique convex Flexifit® Flange with Aloe Vera extracts, developed specifically for ostomists with flush or retracted stomas.