The problem of leaks < Back

As an ostomist, leaks can be a constant source of worry. Leaks not only make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, but can lead to other problems such as sore and irritated skin around your stoma.
Most leaks happen due to ill-fitting wafers, so it’s important that you take steps to ensure a perfect fit. Visit our product section to find your own solutions from Salts. In the meantime, here are a few tips that might help:

Measure your stoma regularly More info

Stomas can change shape, especially in the first few months after your surgery. So make sure you are cutting an accurate template for the most secure fit.

Make sure skin is dryMore info
Moisture will stop the adhesive from sticking properly. You can improve adhesion by not using moisturisers or creams before applying your pouch.

Don’t push your wear-timeMore info
Change your pouch as often as necessary - and think ahead. If you’re going on a long journey where there won’t be toilets, start off with a fresh bag.

Try products that prevent leaks More info

Take a look in the product section of this website and you’ll find Salts offers a range of products to combat leaks, from stoma paste and SecuPlast® Mouldable Seals to Dermacol® – a unique stoma collar that helps to form a leakproof barrier around the stoma.